Tung Chun has taken root in Hong Kong for a long period of time. Its business has been booming with production of more than a hundred types of sauces and non-staple food products which are being distributed to different regions and countries over the world. Recently, not only does the business of Tung Chun cover Asia, but its overseas market has also been expanded to Europe and USA. Dr. Jimmy Wong personally has even attended the promotion events in Canada for a several times. Along with the increase of Tung Chun’s market share, Tung Chun’s footstep can be found in everyplace where Asians are found.


During “Tung Chun Cooking Master Competition”, which was held in Canada in 2012 and 2013, different cooking masters gathered together and used Tung Chun high-quality products to make their delicious cuisines in order to win the award. These events did not only promote Tung Chun to the overseas market, but also facilitated the cultural exchange between Western and Eastern cooking styles.

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