Corporate responsibility has long been one of the Tung Chun crucial pillars. Mr. Wong Chung Ming contributed to the society in different ways. After the end of Second World War, he was the chairman of Lok Sin Tong. Within the 130-year-history of Lok Sin Tong, Mr. Wong Chung Ming and his father joined Lok Sin Tong with the name of “Tung Chun Soy Sauce” for more than 80 years. Meanwhile, he participated in many other organizations actively. Due to his contribution to the community, the British-Hong Kong government even awarded him a Badge of Honor by the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Apart from Hong Kong, Mr. Wong Chung Ming served his hometown, Dongguan, indeed. Being patriotic, Mr. Wong Chung Ming was a pioneer who took the lead in dedicating efforts towards the development of Dongguan in the late 1970s. He was nominated as the vice-chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference twice and the “Honorary Citizen”. Moreover, he contributed to infrastructure constructions, such as roads, schools and halls. To nurture the next generations, he donated to Dongguan University of Technology, such as teaching awards and medical foundation.

Upon succeeding, Dr. Jimmy Wong followed his father’s philanthropic path by continuing to dedicate to the society. His works included volunteer medical consultations and education donations. For his contributions, he was appointed as the “Justice of the Peace” and awarded “Silver Bauhinia Star” from the HKSAR government. Under the leadership of Dr. Wong, Tung Chun is highly recognized by the society, thus received prizes like “Caring Company” by HKCSS, “The Hong Kong Service Awards” by “Eastweek” magazine, and “Prime Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility” by “Metrobox” magazine in 2011 and 2012.

Corporate responsibility will always be upheld as Tung Chun’s core value, as Tung Chun strongly believes that a good business is always attached to a healthy society where people enjoy equal opportunities and social justice. Therefore, Tung Chun has given, and will undoubtedly give full support to the local community as well as to our country.

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