The story began in the late 19th century. The founder of Tung Chun Mr. Wong Tok Lai started his business with two home-size factories established mainly producing soy sauce, crystallized ginger and other non-staple food products. In the 1930s, his son Wong Chung Ming, who was the new young chairman with great passion and devotion, succeeded to expand Tung Chun’s brand developments in the catering industry.

After the Second World War in 1945, Tung Chun has developed much muscle by holding two strategiesproduct diversification and global expansion. With boldness, Tung Chun successfully augmented its product portfolio, including crystallized ginger, preserved fruit, water canned chestnut and other canned foods. Furthermore, in the post Second World war era, there was a huge demand of goods generated in overseas markets which Wong Chung Ming had expanded the sales and distribution channels. As a result, Tung Chun has played a more pivotal role in continents, especially in  America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Pacific Islands.

To slake the customers’ ever-growing thirst on non-staple food in the early 50s, Mr. Wong decided to transform its home-made production to modern manufacturing process, expanding its production line to two factories of 470 thousands square feet in total. With the improved hardware, Tung Chun has moved on a great step by improving production efficiency and producing even more kinds of products, like soy sauces, canned food, fermented products, processed vegetables and preserved fruits.

During the economic transition of Hong Kong in the 60s and 70s, Mr. Wong Chung Ming well captured the opportunities generated by the economic boom. He led Tung Chun into diversity of business including real estate, hotel, catering service and property investment, resulting in a significant growth of the business. Today, Tung Chun is more than a sauce manufacturer; it has transformed itself into a variety of food business as well as property and hotel investment.

Later, Dr. Jimmy Wong start to assist in real estate, leasing and sauce business due to Mr. Wong Chung Ming was getting in age. He persisted that all of our products have to be made in Hong Kong from top grade ingredients with natural processes of fermentation. Moreover, he combined scientific methods into traditional manufacturing processes by introducing systematic production lines and modern production management.

At the same time, in order to catch up with the market, Tung Chun has moved forward in two essential aspectshuman resource management and product qualification. The Management Trainee program has helped to nurture many young and smart talents to become future leaders. Moreover, the team is always composed by savvy and skilled workers so that they may assist Tung Chun in overcoming the modernization processes, improving product quality and production efficiency, yet, without compromising the traditional essence and values of Tung Chun.

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